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itSMF International: Отчет за 4 квартал 2006 года

December Quarter 2006

Dear Fellow itSMF International Members,

This is my last quarterly report for 2006, the third quarter report being taken as my annual report to the AGM. 2006 has been a more than usually eventful year for the Forum in general and the Board in particular and progress has been made in several areas. However we are moving through challenging times and there is still much to be done, as indicated by the survey which was completed by those who attended the Chapter Meeting last month!


I would like to start by warmly welcoming our 41st chapter, itSMF Latvia, to our expanding global community. And to itSMF Slovenia and itSMF Venezuela who were approved in October. Latvia is the 10th chapter to be approved this year, a 30% increase in just one year!

It is encouraging to note from your reports submitted for the Chapter Meeting, that a great deal of success has been achieved by chapters around the world. You are the front line of the organisation and International is keen to provide more support in a variety of ways, as well as fostering cooperation between local chapters. Recognising the need for this, Sergio Rubinato of Brasil was coopted onto the Board last September to take on the Chapter Services portfolio. Sergio is busy developing plans and will be inviting participation from chapter representatives to form working groups that will focus on developing specific support services. These will be the nucleus of a more permanent International Chapter Services Executive Committee, which will provide another channel of communication between chapters and the Board.

International CEO

The Board has been very busy throughout the year but cannot be fully effective without the support of permanent staff. The UK office, under an office services agreement, has been providing solid support and the Board wishes to recognise and thank them for that. Maggie Kneller, Vice Chair of itSMF UK has been filling the operations side of the CEO role since Aidan Lawes announced his intention to step down but she does not have the time to undertake all the CEO duties. I am therefore very please to announce that we have engaged Terrance Barkan, Founder and Managing Director of Association Global Services (AGS), to act as our Interim CEO responsible principally for strategic planning. This is a six months assignment on a part time basis but supported by the AGS organisation and its wide range of expertise. Terrance is a highly experienced businessman and has already proved his understanding of associations in facilitating a Board workshop and in developing a proposed strategic directions and business model – which was presented at the Chapters Meeting. Feedback from chapters present by means of a survey was positive and encouraging and will be the basis of further planning by the Board. A copy of the questionnaire is available on the International website ( together with a summary of the results from the meeting. Other chapters wishing to contribute further to this important work should complete a survey form and send this to us as requested on our web site.

OGC Commercial Activities

Much of the Board’s focus during 2006 has been on the CAR project and subsequent activity to ensure that itSMF International not only maintains but strengthens its position as key player in the future of ITIL and IT service management. Agreements are being negotiated with TSO and APMG and should be completed and ready for signature in early January. A major stumbling block has been the resolution of issues with translations but, with Terrance’s help, we are resolving these. The development of new titles, taking into consideration past achievements, is also being considered. We will provide details of our future activities with these organisations as soon as agreements are finalised, as well as associated publications activities.

APMG has developed new materials for the ITIL Foundations, Practitioner and Managers certifications and these are available for authorised training organisations (ATOs) to use from 1st January.

At the same time, EXIN has launched their ISO/IEC 20000/SQM Foundation (SQMF) certificate and this will be followed by their SQM Advanced certificate in 2007.

The EXIN/ISEB and the APMG schemes both address IT Service Management but from different perspectives. itSMF, as an independent organisation, supports both schemes.

Certifications and Qualifications

Craig has been extremely busy throughout the year in building new relationships, principally within the International Standards Organisation and with academia. These efforts will start to bear fruit next year, particularly with expanding support internationally for ISO/IEC 20000 certification scheme, and in working with academia in research and development activities as well as introducing IT Service Management into university curricula. Craig is planning new working groups, namely Research & Academia, International Standards, Strategic Alliances and Continuing Professional Development and again he will soon be asking for participation by experienced chapter members.


The publication of the core ITIL V3 books is scheduled for late April 2007 and itSMF International is planning a series of launch events around the world in late May or early June. Details will appear soon on the International website. Dates and places will be firmed up by the end of January, by which time the publication date will be confirmed. We all look forward to these events.
We are also planning the publication of a professional IT Service Management Journal and work will start once a business plan has been approved. This will provide further opportunities to share experiences and to present new approaches to IT Service Management implementations and their improvement.


The Board will be focussing on updating its Strategic and Business Plans over the next quarter, with the aim of having them ready for comment by the Chapters, along with an updated budget by the start of our next financial year on 1st April. The Board will meet in late January or early February to progress this and other planning activities. I will report progress in my next quarterly report, with significant updates as they occur. In the meantime, your feedback will always be welcome.

In Conclusion

We have developed into a truly multi-national organisation representing many cultures and languages but all supporting a common goal. Whilst there will always be some differences of opinion, we are working remarkably well together in a spirit of friendship and cooperation. In that vein, and on behalf of the Board, the CEOs and the office staff I would like to thank you all for that cooperation and understanding and to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season with best wishes for health, happiness and success during 2007.

Best regards,

itSMF International: Отчет за 4 квартал 2006 года

Brian Jennings
itSMF International

21st December 2006 Документ без названия





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