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Весенняя Конференция ITSMF Нидерландов состоится 22 апреля 2008 года
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International program of "Best Practices in IT Management", the Dutch ITSMF Spring conference
April 21, 22, De Reehorst, Ede, NL

exclusive discount offer for ITSMF chapters — to join the Netherlands in their Spring Conference

Package deal for visitors from other countries than the Netherlands

Standard conference fee plus hotel:  € 295 (master class) + € 125 (hotel) + € 595 (conference fee) = € 1015

Introduction Package Deal: Master Class, Dinner, ITSM Café, Drinks at the bar, Hotel room 21/22, a copy of Volume 1 of the "IT Service management, Global Best Practices" publication, and a full Conference ticket, total of € 490

This offer is exclusive for itSMF members from chapters other than the Netherlands.

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Monday's Program

12.00-13.00 lunch
13.00-17.00 master class

By Ian Clayton and the IT Skeptic

19.00-20.30 buffet diner


21.00-22.30 ITSM Café

Discussions with Ian Clayton and the IT Skeptic

22.30-24.00 Bar

Free drinks until midnight

Tuesday's Program (two streams listed below)

An Introduction to the Service Management Body Of Knowledge (SMBOK)

Join the author on a detailed exploration of the SMBOK. The SMBOK offers a comprehensive open framework for service management that is both holistic and based upon pre-existing concepts, processes, and best practices from the world of product management. It includes a detailed 15-stage service lifecycle, seven major knowledge domains (roles), and forty knowledge areas (competencies or practices). It is the basis for the professional qualification scheme, the Lean Service Management approach to developing a successful strategy, and is proving invaluable as a means of protecting an investment in ITIL®, and perhaps understanding its future direction.
Ian Clayton is author of the book "I Think Something's Missing from ITIL…?", Founder of the IT Service Management Institute®, co-founder of itSMF-USA® and recipient of the itSMF USA Lifetime Achievement Award for 2005. He is one of the most experienced experts in IT Service Management with over 34 years of working within the IT profession.

ISO/IEC 29382 — the new standard for IT Governance

In 2008, ISO will publish its new standard on IT Governance. This standard was fast-tracked from the existing Australian standard AS8015. Christophe is a member of the ISO Study Group on IT Governace that produced the new standard, and he will explain the characteristics and the value of this new standard, and the ay it fits in the enterprise information management system.
Christophe Feltus (Luxembourg), researcher at Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor.

The persistence of Worst Practice

Brian Johnson is one of the original authors of the very first ITIL books. He has authored several books on ITIL and related topics. He also co-authored the ""Not ITIL"" books, together with Paul Wilkinson, illustrating persistent 'worst practices'. The latest developments on ITIL have provided plenty of material for an update on his views. In this session Brian will treat you to his latest views on ITIL, IT Service Management, and the irony of persistent worst practices.
Brian Johnson is the founder and Honorary Life Vice President of the first itSMF, and was part of the British government team that developed the standards for ITIL. He is now the ITIL worldwide practice manager for CA. Brian Johnson led the first successful government implementation of ITIL best practices as well as the first private sector implementation.

ISO/IEC 20000: the compass to guide your path in the best practice universe

This presentation will cover the 3 following topics:
 — ISO/IEC 20000: present and future of the Standard
 — Implementation of ISO/IEC 20000 within a company: how related best practices and Standards could help and complement ISO/IEC 20000 to build an overall management system of IT Services
 — Roles and profiles within an organization for ISO/IEC 20000 implementation and professional independent certification schemes
ISO/IEC 20000, the independent Standard for Quality in IT Service Management, is a key business driver for a growing number of organizations. Clients invariably demand proven quality, and the IT services industry is no exception. Delivery of IT services in compliance with ISO/IEC 20000 is increasingly becoming a prerequisite. Therefore organizations are eager to hire certified IT staff with a sound knowledge of ISO/IEC 20000.
Luis Miguel Rosa Nieto, Regional Manager EXIN España and member of the international committee JTC1/SC7/WG-25: IT Service Management, provides an overview of the standard in the past, present and future and shows how to approach the implementation of an ISO/IEC 20000 project. Luis is a co-author of 'ITSM — Global Best Practices — Volume 1'.

Understanding services within an organization by exploring the Service Portfolio

Organizations today are struggling to identify what services they provide to enable business objectives. Organizations are not capable of understanding the different types of services that exist and fail to record this information in a useful and meaningful way. This presentation will cover concepts that will aid organizations in their ability to understand and develop a Service Portfolio and Service Catalogue.
Mark O'Loughlin (Ireland) is a consultant and specialist in ITSM, ITIL, MOF, COBIT, ICT Strategy and ISO 20000, and a co-author of the ITSM — Global Best Practice Volume 1." Mark is a co-author of 'ITSM — Global Best Practices — Volume 1'.

ABC Round table Session (12:55-13:40)

Paul Wilkinson — well-known through his "Not ITIL" books and management games like Apollo13 — has taken the lead in the ABC of IT Service Management for many years now. 
ABC = Attitude, Behaviour, Culture.
In this session Paul will discuss the ABC using a game of worst practice ABC playing cards. In an interactive session you can experience Paul's leadership in discussing these critical aspects of organizational change. The set playing cards — with 52 compelling cartoons — is yours, to be used in your own organization.
The session covers a series of group exercises, guided by Paul.
After a career in IT management, Paul Wilkinson has gained fame with his management games, and with his humoristic books. He works in Egor Productions and Gaming Works, developing a range of 'serious fun' products, where ABC is core. Paul is a co-author of 'ITSM — Global Best Practices — Volume 1'.





Business Service Orchestration — Delivering single-source performance in a multi-source world

Business Service Orchestration is a relatively new concept designed to address a relatively new challenge in the IT service management world: how to manage the performance of, and ensure the availability of, applications (IT services) delivered to the business that are composed of multiple in-house and outsourced IT services. In this presentation you will learn how leading-edge companies are applying a new approach to monitoring the quality of application performance, creating vendor- and technology-independent SLAs, and re-gaining control over their suppliers.
Andrew Whalen is founder of Whalen Enterprises and a co-author of 'ITSM — Global Best Practices — Volume 1'.

Which Way with IT Service Management?

In the past selecting a basis for IT Service Management was easy: there was ITIL. Now there are ITIL2, ITIL3, ISO20000, COBIT, ITSMBOK and any number of other frameworks, bodies of knowledge, standards and methodologies.
Some are competing for attention and others seem to almost avoid attention. The IT Skeptic will review your options, then with assistance from his alter ego, the IT Swami, we will attempt to see into ITSM's murky future to see which ones might grow or wither.
Based on this and other considerations, we will provide some guidance to help you choose which one to put your money on when you are looking at proposals, projects, training or consulting in IT Service Management.
In preparation for the session, you might like to read:
 — Do we have to do ITIL to do Service Management? The IT Skeptic canvasses what your alternatives are. It might help to familiarise yourself with these before the session.
 — Is ITIL Dead in the Water? Written over a year ago, this post from the IT Skeptic is one of the site's most popular, and it still holds, except that ISO20000 so far seems to have gained little traction.
 — Visions of the Future of ITIL. The IT Swami's Seven Visions of the Future of ITIL, wirth interperetation by the IT Skeptic.
 — ITIL vs. COBIT, ISO20000 et al, and itSMF's role in promoting them. This is the IT Skeptic's most recent prediction of the future.
Rob England is an IT consultant, writer and entrepreneur, based in New Zealand.
His interests include IT Service Management, governance, internet communities and commerce, and professional development. He is best known as The IT Skeptic (, a critical voice in the ITSM community. Rob is a member of the Editorial Board of the Global Best Practices book.

Announcing the Exin Awards 2008

Joep van Nieuwstadt

Presentation of IT Service Managment Global Best Practices — Volume 1

Publisher and editors

ITIL revisited. Panel discussion.

IT Skeptic, Ian Clayton, Brian Johnson, Paul Wilkinson… The most unbalanced team you can currently find… They will discuss what is necessary to create a better IT Management future and how to realize that!

Closing statements

Jeroen van Rooden, Chair of ITSMF Netherlands

Drinks, Networking


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